Circular Letter nr. 1801


for the 24th Congress (2012)

I have to remind you that, at our next Executive Meeting to be held in Hanoi (Vietnam) on 26 May 2010, we have to make the choice of the Technical Questions to be placed on the programme of the 24th Congress (Kyoto, Japan, 2012), according to Section J of the By-Laws.

According to this Section, "ICOLD Technical and Special Committees are entitled to submit proposals for ICOLD Congress Questions".

Proposals should be received by ICOLD Central Office before 26 January 2010. Beyond this date, they will not be considered.

It is recommended that National or Technical Committees do not submit more than eight questions for consideration, each question representing four lines (approx. 550 characters). The proposed topics should meet the present concerns of dam engineers and deal with a specific and clearly delimited topic.

There will be also a President's question which will be dealt with at the beginning of the discussion.